Convert a JSON-file downloaded from into a GPX-file

Runtastic is owned by ADIDAS who have stopped development of the Internet
version. You must download an app to your phone and use it for viewing your
activity. All functions in the retired Internet version are in the app and
future features will only be available in the app.

There is no way to extract a GPS route from The only solution
is to download your synchronised activity as a ZIP-file, at the most once every
7 days. Connect your Runtastic watch to a USB port on your computer. Start the
Runtastic Connect application which will detect the watch and synchronise your
activety with

Click on the button in the Runtastic Connect app. and Log in.
Click on the Home tab, then the Export menu and finally the Export button.
Wait for the email confirming that the ZIP-file is ready to download
(This can take a couple of minutes).

Open the mail and click on the Download button. Back on the page
where the download was requested the status will now have changed from
In progress to Not available. Click on the download button.

The ZIP file named will appear in your download folder.
The file contains folders Comments, Purchases, Sport-sessions, User and Weight.
The folder Sport-sessions contains folders Elevation-data and GPS-data together
with a number of JSON files. The folder GPS-data contains a JSON file for each
activity with names like e62b7556-3057-4797-9b30-ded82b558204.json.

It is the JSON files in folder GPS-data that must be converted to GPX files for
interchange with other apps. Once downloaded and converted to GPX the
activities can be removed.

Date and time are converted to YY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS with decimals and timezone
dropped. Having problems, mail me at and I will see what
I can do.

Local input .JSON file including path:

Local ouput .GPX file including path: