From backups of 2 SI-stations creates a table of leg times per SI-Card

Connect the main SI-station to a USB port on the computer.
Turn on service mode in the SI-station (the slave-station) to be read by inserting the Service/OFF card.
Check that SERVMO is shown in the display followed by other station info.
Start SI-Config+
If the main-station does not appear under Devices then choose it from the drop down list.
Insert the coupling stick into the main-station.
Put the the slave-station on top of the main-station.
If the connection is set to Direct then click on Direct to toggle it to Remote.
Click on the settings ikon in the main toolbar.
Data from the slave-station is read and displayed.
Click on the Backup ikon in the main toolbar.
A progress bar will display activity.
A list of the punches with SI-Card number and date/time will be displayed if there are any.
Export the data displayed as a CSV file
Remove the slave-station and turn it of with the Service/OFF card.

Repeat the above for the second SI-station to be read.

Terminate SI-Config+ and remove the main-station.

If the slave-station backup was not erased before the event or there are more than one events punches then use an appilcation (spread sheet) to remove unwanted punch data.
This is imperative incase the same SI-card is present more than once giving possible finish before start.
Fill in the filenames of the two CSV files and click Submit

Having problems, mail me at and I will see what I can do.
		Start stations CSV file including path:  

Finish stations CSV file including path: